Most Recent Artwork

" The High Barn "

This is a studio piece.

Oil on primed board. 12 x 12 inches 

Based on work I did when painting on Pendleton Moor just north of Clitheroe.

" Hill Farmer "

10 x 8 inches

Pencil on card

Drawn in Brizola on a wet Friday.


" Moorland Pond "

Oil on canvas board

12 x 12 inches


" Pendle from Clitheroe "

Oil on Canvas Board

12 x18 inches


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    Painting near Pendle

    Been on this on and off for the last couple of weeks.

    Its an old gate with view of Pendle Hill.

    I'm on Pendle Road just over the A59.

    As chance has it I met Kaigan flying his drone, who sent me these pictures.

    As you can see I'm using plenty of artistic licience.

    And just look at that grey hair.

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    Working on site

    Ive had about three sesions on this painting

    Could still do with some finishing touches i think though.

    " Looking Down Castle St. "

    Oil on canvas board

    12 x 12 inches


    " Waterlogged Field "

    Looking to Pendle from Citheroe

    A studio painted piece

    Oil on canvas board

    12 x 18 inches

    Painting in Clitheroe

    I took advantage of this weeks unseasonal warm weather.

    I've had three glorious days of great light and strong shadows.

    I hope it carries through into my finished painting.

    " Banana News "

    Situated on Castle Street Clitheroe

    Its shape and colours have always facinated me.

    Painted entirely on site over three sessions.

    Oil on canvas board 12 x 12 inches.

    Finished it 28th. Febuary,

    " Estuary Daybreak "

    Completed 18th. Feb. 19.

    The Painting is based on sketches i did in and around Sunderland Point at the mouth of the river Lune.

    Oil on canvas board.   12x18 inches


    " Castle Street Clitheroe "

    Oil on Canvas Board

    12 x 12 inches

    Painted on site.