Most Recent Artwork

" Purple Sky "

This is a studio piece.

Oil on primed board. 15x15 inches 


" Beach Walk "

Oil on primed board

15X15 inches

For sale at Knowle Top Studio Clitheroe


" Moorland Pond "

Oil on canvas board

12 x 12 inches


Working on site

Ive had about three sesions on this painting

Could still do with some finishing touches i think though.

" Looking Down Castle St. "

Oil on canvas board

12 x 12 inches


" Waterlogged Field "

Looking to Pendle from Citheroe

A studio painted piece

Oil on canvas board

12 x 18 inches

Painting in Clitheroe

I took advantage of this weeks unseasonal warm weather.

I've had three glorious days of great light and strong shadows.

I hope it carries through into my finished painting.

" Banana News "

Situated on Castle Street Clitheroe

Its shape and colours have always facinated me.

Painted entirely on site over three sessions.

Oil on canvas board 12 x 12 inches.

Finished it 28th. Febuary,

" Estuary Daybreak "

Completed 18th. Feb. 19.

The Painting is based on sketches i did in and around Sunderland Point at the mouth of the river Lune.

Oil on canvas board.   12x18 inches


" Castle Street Clitheroe "

Oil on Canvas Board

12 x 12 inches

Painted on site.