Where to see my paintings

Situated half way up Moor Lane on the left hand side.

I always have a painting in the window.

The one currently on display is - 

"Old  Pendle Gate  "

Oil on canvas board    12 x 18 inches


Abbots Harbour Cafe

Situated just off the A59 at East Marton, near Skipton.

Its down behind the Cross Keys Pub.

All these three of my paintings of Abbots Harbour are sold. But they are still all available as limited edition prints ( 12 x 18 inches ).   £125.00 Framed.

The limited edition only runs to 25 from each painting.

  • Harry Caunce Snowscene 3
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  • IMG_2122

    My recomended dish this week is Chicken & Prawn Saganaki                 also known as the Niall Special.

    Situatated in Swan Courtyard Clitheroe.

    The shop displays about ten of my originals.

    Is a Greek Resturant with a warm and friendly atmosphere.

    For details of paintings hanging in Brizola press the green link button below,



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    • IMG_2101 2

    " Purdie Oak "

    Situated on Castle Street Clitheroe

    Christine and Peter have excusive rights to my humourous animal drawings.

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    • Watch it

    The Streets of Clitheroe

    Weather permiting.

    I'm not as tough as i used to be LOL

    not been too bad though this last week in Febuary.

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    Feb. 14 th. First day street painting this year

    Is the beautiful boutique gallery.

    Situated on Castlegate at the top of Moor Lane on the left.

    Featuring the work of the sculptor and photographer Tony Bentley.


    Situated on Castle Gate just past The Keep Gallery.

    Castle Gate is right opposite the United Reform Church at the top of Moor Lane,  Clitheroe.

    Gosh Art’s signature style produces vibrant colours and people in motion in authentic sports artwork or a memorable landscape.






    Accentia Arts Ltd.

    Unit 701/702  Wensley Business Park.

    Apple Street, Blackburn

    Lancashire, BB2 1QD

    All of my artwork and prints are handled by Mike Lomax at Accentia.

    Tel. 01254 676125

    Mob. 07946 476688