Harry Caunce - Captures his world through his paintings

Welcome to my website. I hope that you find your visit both informative and enjoyable….

Hopefully this site succeeds in what I set out for it to do – that is to showcase a cross-section of my work and give a flavour of the various scenes and locations that I have travelled to and worked upon.

I am a great believer in getting out into the field (or town, or wood, or wherever else!) and painting in situ, there’s nothing quite like it and that is one of the reasons that artists have been doing it for generations.

I personally feel that because the paintings are executed on site, they have a much greater vibrancy and lifelike quality.  This would just not be easily achieved, or even possible, from purely studio-based work.

Hopefully you’ll agree…..

  • All Spent Up2

  • Image

  • Image2

  • Greenbank Bridge 3

  • Newton Grange 6

  • Edwards Bridge Finished

  • Edwards Boat1

  • The Old Lock Gates

  • Banana News 2

  • Gargrave3

  • Lovers Lane

  • Swaledale Ram

  • Lock Keepers Cottage Bank Newton

  • Lock Gates Bank Newton

  • First Leaves Of Autumn

  • Bridge at East Marton Autumn

  • Cowmans

  • The Hodder at Newton

  • The Red Tractor

  • Farm Under Pendle

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